MS Carwyn joins virtual Q&A session with Sir Kier

People across the Bridgend constituency recently had an opportunity to join a virtual Question and Answer session with Labour Leader Sir Kier Starmer. Joining them was the MS for Bridgend Carwyn Jones who had supported Sir Kier’s bid to become leader of the Labour Party just a few months ago.

The ‘Call Kier’ sessions have been very popular with both party members and members of the public alike and has been an opportunity for Sir Kier to engage directly with people, to hear directly about their experiences and what they are doing to keep safe and well.

Welcoming everyone to the virtual meeting, Sir Kier explained why he hosting these meetings and other similar events across the UK. He said that he was committed to working constructively with the Government to help the country through this crisis and will be listening to people’s concerns and taking concerns to ministers. He added that the event was also an opportunity to have an open and frank conversation with people who did not feel able to support Labour at last December’s general election. He said that his job was to listen and learn and to restore people’s trust in the Labour Party as a force for change.

He stated that pretending that any government would not struggle during this present crisis is not realistic and that he was working hard to get the balance right; challenging the UK Government when they need to up their game, especially when they are behind the game when it came to testing.

Mr Jones said ” This was a hugely enjoyable session and was Kier at his very best. I have known him for several years and he has the principles, presence and popularity to become our next Prime Minister.”