A ‘new normal’

We are getting used to a ‘new normal’. As restrictions are eased and Wales gradually and cautiously unlocks, some of the activities that we all enjoyed before Covid 19 are resuming. Alongside the reopening and rebuilding of our economy, work continues looking at how we can safely reopen more of our NHS- more of our primary and secondary care services. Cancer screening services have resumed, dental and optometry practices are gradually re-introducing a broader range of services and our health boards are looking at how they can bring back essential and routine services whilst still being prepared to respond to future peaks. Speaking to health professionals, I know there is a lot of work ongoing to create Covid free zones inside our hospitals so that they can continue to bring patients in for the treatments they need.

Indeed, it will not be business as usual as we have to learn to live alongside Covid at least for now. Coupled with this, the NHS is preparing for the winter that lies ahead. This virus hasn’t gone away, and a second spike would be catastrophic for the economy. We all have our part to play in helping to avoid that.