AM visits local store that makes the difference

It was a shopping trip with a difference when Bridgend AM Carwyn Jones visited his local Sainsbury’s store recently. Met by the Store Manager Darren Cooper, PR Ambassador for the store, Jackie Thomas and other key senior colleagues, Mr Jones had an opportunity to learn more about Sainsbury’s Bridgend community activities.

Talking to colleagues, Mr Jones learned how the local Sainsbury’s store supports its Local Charity partner, The Contact Zone, a supported Children’s Centre where children of separated families can meet their non-resident parent or grandparents in turn who are supported by trained staff & volunteers. Mr Jones was also interested to hear how the local store has invited local organisations to make use of their Café area out of hours, free of charge, for meetings and information sessions.


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He also had an update about the Sainsbury’s Active Kids scheme. Since 2005, £432,369 worth of equipment and experiences has been donated to schools and clubs across the Bridgend Local Authority. The scheme is currently in its 11th year and is still going strong.

Carwyn Jones AM said “ It was good to have the opportunity to speak to the Store Manager Darren and his team about their store and to hear how the store has grown since it opened in 1993. I was also interested to learn how the store is looking to create a more regional identity, to learn about the various Welsh suppliers to the store and about the forthcoming community initiatives. Living in Bridgend, I was already very familiar with the store. With the passion displayed by PR Ambassador, Jackie Thomas, it is not surprising that last year she won the Bridge FM Super Hero award for her fund raising activities”.

Store Manager at Sainsbury’s Bridgend, Darren Cooper, added “It has been great having Mr Jones in our store, and introduce him to our customers and colleagues. I’m incredibly proud of my team, our store and the impact we have on the local community. ”