Brexit done badly carries with it the seed of the UK’s own disintegration

To a packed audience at an event organised by the pro independence group Yes Cymru, Bridgend AM Carwyn Jones stated that “Brexit done badly carries with it the seed of the UK’s own disintegration”. Mr Jones had joined other panellists Liz Saville Roberts AM, Sion Jobbins and Beti George at the public event on the Maes at the National Eisteddfod at Llanrwst in the Conwy Valley, for a discussion on Welsh independence.

In attending the debate, Mr Jones stressed that he was not going to advocate independence but to explain the practical obstacles that stand in the way.

Mr Jones said “ I’m a proud Welshman, and I think that Wales is best served by being within the union of the UK – not the current union, I think a lot of work needs to be done to make it more equal than it is now. I don’t see what advantages independence would give us if I’m honest. We’d have less money and we couldn’t make that up in the short term. Ireland took many many years to do that.”

Mr Jones added “And some people say ‘well it’s an opportunity for us to do a separate deal with Europe and have access to the single market’. Of course, our biggest market, in terms of a country, is England.

“There’s very little point in having, shall we say, market access to the single market and finding we can’t export to England.”

Mr Jones said that people are ‘indy curious’ rather than favourable towards independence. Labelling the current situation in Westminster as a shambles, Mr Jones stated that people who he would not have thought would be in favour are now looking at it. He stated that if Northern Ireland voted to join with the South and Scotland left, then he did not think that England and Wales works. He added that it is possible for Wales to slip into independence without having a choice.

Mr Jones said “I think it’s important to have these debates but it’s important that the debate takes place between people who have different views.”