Brexit- the people deserve a final say

Bridgend AM Carwyn Jones had the opportunity to contribute to today’s Plaid Cymru debate ‘A confirmatory European Union referendum.’

Mr Jones said “There is a duty on all of us to think carefully about where we go next as a society.

“It’s time to settle this once and for all; three years of incessant argument with no end. Britain is a laughing stock. It’s not the EU that fell apart because of Brexit; it’s Britain that’s doing it. Government in London is paralysed. Nothing is happening there. No-one took any notice to what happened with British Steel; it’s all about Brexit, utterly consuming. Jobs are being lost. We have to consider another referendum.”

Mr Jones added “To me, it’s a two-question referendum. Question one: in the light of current circumstances, remain or leave? Question two: leave with a deal or without a deal? Settled. You ask those two questions, you get the answer one way or the other.

“Our politics is poisoned. Our society is fractured. We need to settle it. The people had a voice in 2016. They deserve a voice now. In sense, in reason, in democracy, the people deserve a final say.”