Bridgend AM attends his first virtual Plenary session

In something of a first for the Bridgend AM Carwyn Jones this week, he took part in his first virtual Plenary session. Beaming live into the plenary session live from his home in Bridgend, Mr Jones asked the First Minister whether he would join him in urging people to stay home this Easter weekend and not to travel in the usual fashion to places such as Porthcawl in his constituency, in order to make sure that people in that town and beyond are properly protected from the spread of the virus.

In response, the First Minister Mark Drakeford said “The message to people thinking of going to Porthcawl or other places over the weekend is, ‘Just don’t do it. Go outside, by all means, but stay local to where you live, stay away from other people and don’t think that this is the right moment to pose a risk to yourselves and a risk to others by doing things that you know are outside the guidelines that we are all required to abide by”.

Mr Jones also asked the First Minister where should supermarkets and food shops go for advice, in terms of best practice, when it comes to protecting their customers to the level that they and their customers would expect. He had noticed by going to various shops that whilst some things are generally universal now such as you have to wait outside until it is your turn to go in, spacing inside the supermarkets and a particular one-way system for going around the supermarket or the shop but when it comes to the sanitizing of trolleys and baskets, in some shops this is not happening at all.

In response, the First Minister stated that the Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs Minister Lesley Griffiths AM holds weekly meetings with the food industry and the retailers here in Wales. It is a forum in which these sorts of issues of common standards and common practices can be explored.