Bridgend Fairtrade Festival

It was my great pleasure to be the guest judge at the ‘Fairtrade Bake Off’ at last month’s Bridgend Fairtrade Festival. The event was organised by The Bridgend Fairtrade Partnership.

Local schools, community groups and individual bakers were invited to get baking and to use as many Fairtrade ingredients as they could in their entries. There were some fabulous cakes including coconut flapjacks, a chocolate ginger cake, a banana cake, a paradise cake, a world war one trench cake and a coffee and walnut cake. There was also a lovely lion cake. The cakes were delicious and it was great to have the opportunity to sample them all. It was very difficult to pick an overall winner as the standard was very high. Judging mainly on taste, although presentation and texture did feature in my deliberations, my favourite cake was the banana cake. The two runners up were the paradise cake and the coffee and walnut cake. There was also a prize for the young baker of the lion cake.

As well as the Bake Off, there were a range of stalls selling jewellery, bags, scarves, hats, socks, chocolates and other Fairtrade products.