Coronavirus (COVID-19): testing

The Welsh Government has provided an update on testing in Wales.

Currently, there is one type of test in regular use in Wales, the antigen test. This is used to test whether someone admitted to hospital with symptoms has coronavirus. It is also used to see whether a frontline NHS professional may have coronavirus. There is another test availale, this is the antibody test but currently this is not available for widespread use in the UK. Work is progressing on this.

In Wales, we currently have capacity to carry out approximately 1,100 tests a day. Our new testing plan for Wales includes steps to increase capacity. By mid April we will have capacity to provide up to 5,000 antigen tests a day to people admitted to hospital with suspected coronavirus, frontline NHS staff and people who are classed as extremely vulnerable. A further 4,000 antigen tests a day will be available as part of a four-nation deal for the UK – these will be available to people in the community.

Below is a link to the latest information (as of 5th April)

Latest gudiance is avilable here: Who and how people will be tested for coronavirus

The Welsh Government is leading a consortium of stakeholders within Wales to deliver its national plan for COVID-19 testing. Today (7th April) it has shared details of its plan which has been in place since 28 March.

This plan is complementary and interoperable with the UK strategy for COVID-19 testing that was announced by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care last week. The Welsh Government is working alongside their colleagues across the four nations to ensure a consistent response and that all opportunities are brought to bear to scale up our testing capabilities.

Welsh national COVID-19 test approach: April 2020