Developments in Porthcawl

It is fantastic to see the Jennings Building brought back into use and last month I was very pleased to attend the official opening event. Jennings is a good example of a building that say fifty years ago would probably have been knocked down. It is therefore great to see that the building has been restored sympathetically, retaining the character of the building to provide a great place to live, work and socialise. It was interesting to see some of the ‘live-work’ units and to visit the businesses based there. It was a good sign that all three businesses were already busy.

Also set for a major refurbishment are sea defences at Porthcawl’s town beach. Thanks to Welsh Government funding of more than £2million pounds, work can be carried out to improve the sea defences which will include the partial demolition of the existing structure and the replacement of the existing asphalt with a new terraced structure which will be surfaced in a sand colour in line with the responses from the public consultation. Once the work is completed, the strengthened defences will reduce the risk of flooding and erosion from the sea to 260 properties.