I want to ride my bicycle…

Bridgend AM Carwyn Jones met with cycling experts from across Wales at a demonstration of e-bikes outside the Senedd recently. E-bikes (electrically assisted bikes) are sweeping across Europe and are finally starting to gain a hold in the UK. E-bikes are like ordinary bikes – you have to pedal to make them go. They just have an electric motor to make pedalling easier. This means hills and long distances become much more manageable. They also bring huge benefits for people with mobility issues or whose health condition limits their physical activities.

Mr Jones said “It was great fun to try an e-bike, a nextbike and an e-trike together with hearing from the experts about the health and environmental benefits of using an e-bike. With the growing concern about climate change, e-bikes offer an important alternative to the car for many people.

“The benefits of cycling are well known. Indeed, e-bikes make cycling even more accessible. I am really keen for people to find out more. It was interesting to hear about how popular e-bikes are in many parts of Europe, getting people out of their cars. They bring with them the benefits of cycling with a little bit of assistance, which is always welcome when you live in a hilly place like Wales.”