Embracing our local High Street

Back in September you may have heard that the Welsh Government’s National High Street Campaign was launched which aims to remind everyone of the value of our high streets such as John Street in Porthcawl, encouraging members of the community to make full use of them.

I was pleased to hear of Walters’ Shoes’ 100 years on the high street a few weeks ago. It is a local family run shop that has lasted the test of time, serving the wants and needs of the community. I always enjoy spending a few hours in John Street, one of Wales’ thriving high streets with a handful of small business such as the lovely deli Home & Colonial, interesting boutiques like Bliss and Koko as well as so many pleasant cafes to enjoy a spot of lunch. I was delighted to hear that the museum will continue to stay open despite uncertainty over the past year, which is currently hosting a brilliant exhibition about the First World War.

I hope and believe that the grant of £50,000 from the Welsh Government’s Town Centre Partnership fund for Porthcawl will ensure the town continues to draw more and more people to Porthcawl every year.