Gazette – April 2014

Recently I saw an important milestone in the development of Porthcawl with the opening of the new harbour with its lock gates, a first for the town. It will be easier now for boats to be berthed there and will be a way of encouraging more development in the area. The scheme was part-financed by the Welsh Government and the European Union

Like every project I suppose, it’s had its critics, although they’ve focussed this time on the pile of dredged silt that has been put on the other side of the road. They would have point of course if the silt was to remain, but it’s not and the Council are looking to move it soon. The new development though is permanent and people should celebrate the fact that something has been taken forward in the town.

I know though that people are bound to be sceptical in Porthcawl. We’ve seen so many projects come and go and not move forward. Many will remember ill-fated projects involving the WDA which involved such popular moves as taking away half of Griffin Park or all of HIllsboro Place, for no good reason other than they were thought not to look nice.

Recently of course, we’ve seen the collapse of the Tesco scheme because the company withdrew from it. That scheme had its critics, but to regenerate the town you do need private investors, who will only come if they can make money.

Still, the harbour is a start, and many of you will be aware that the Welsh Government has provided the money to repair the coastal path at Rest Bay.

Much to do, but a start at last.