Inspirational Wilderness

A few months ago, it was great to meet some members from the Wilderness Allotment Association in Porthcawl. Over a cup of tea and a cake- a lovely scone with homemade strawberry jam, I had the opportunity to hear about the allotment committee’s community engagement activities and to express my personal congratulations on their recent successes. It was wonderful to hear that the Wilderness Allotment Association had been recognised with two awards; a very prestigious European award given by the Council of Europe and a Green Flag award, from Keep Wales Tidy. These awards are fantastic achievements.

It was interesting to meet a couple of members from Trinity Care’s ‘Grow Your Own’ Gardening Club. They were very passionate and enthusiastic about gardening and told me about some of the wide range of fruit and vegetables that they grow at the allotments. Some of the produce has been used in soups, ratatouille and in cakes.

I also met with pupils from Porthcawl Comprehensive School’s History Club. They explained about their WW1 Allotment Project and about some of the activities they were involved in, including looking at what vegetables were grown on allotments during WW1.