January 2015 – More funding for Bridgend

This month the Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty announced that more than £30 million is to be provided for the Communities First programme to continue helping deprived areas across Wales.

Bridgend County Borough Council will receive £1,738,317 over the next financial year for the Communities First Schemes.

Since 2012, Bridgend Communities First has been working with communities and partner organisations to improve opportunities in relation to learning, health and jobs by successfully delivering activities which are helping people to improve their lives.

The programme in Bridgend has runs a number of family learning activities such as computer programming skills clubs in schools, where 362 young people have developed new skills which has improved their academic performance. A large number of adults have also gained new qualifications from accredited courses being run by Communities First with over 100 adults gaining qualifications in areas such as jewellery design, to health and social care since last April.

184 people across Bridgend live healthier lives through classes such as Zumba, Tai Chi, walking football and cooking classes run by Communities First who have also supported almost 100 people to give up smoking.

Communities First also do great work, supporting people into jobs and providing advice about a wide range of issues. It is for these reasons that I am proud that the Welsh Government is continuing to support the scheme and providing more funding which will go a long way to helping communities across Bridgend.