Keeping Wales Safe

Below- latest Seaside news article from Bridgend MS Carwyn Jones

As more restrictions are lifted in England, I have received a number of enquiries asking why Wales is not immediately following suit. In lifting restrictions as we look to rebuild our society and our economy, the Welsh Government continues to take a cautious and careful approach. People’s health and wellbeing is always at the forefront of everything we do. There is not a set template against which everybody is judged on how to handle this crisis.

The Welsh Government’s approach to easing the lockdown, planning our recovery and for the safe reopening of businesses, is to lift restrictions at the right time based on the very best science and medical advice available. Thanks to the huge efforts by everyone, the number of new cases continues to fall as does the number of those being admitted to hospital with the virus.

The Welsh Government reviews its coronavirus regulations every 21 days where they consider the latest medical and scientific advice, the state of the virus in Wales and the transmission rate- the R rate. Providing the virus is still declining and the R is below 1,then this gives the Welsh Government the headroom to allow more economic activity to restart.