Men’s Sheds

Last month it was a pleasure to visit The Squirrel’s Nest Men’s Shed Tondu with my Labour colleague Huw Irranca-Davies AM. The Squirrel’s Nest, which is based at the Tondu Enterprise Centre, is a place where men can come and spend time making items out of wood. Men’s Sheds is a new way for men to follow their interests or to take up new ones, to belong to a unique group and to feel useful.

In Wales, the Men’s Sheds movement continues to grow and there are just under 40 Men’s Sheds.

It was great to have a tour of the workshop, to see the tools and workstations and to chat to members. It was really interesting to hear from members about their own experiences and to hear about the great atmosphere, fun and camaraderie that occurs at the Squirrel’s Nest. The group are a great inspiration to others so much so that they are now the ‘go-to shed’ for others who are thinking of setting up their own Men’s Shed. At the workshop the members make things such as carts, chairs, Toy boxes and benches. Many of the items they make are for sale.