MS Carwyn attends virtual meeting with Chief Constable Matt Jukes

MS for Bridgend Carwyn Jones today joined a virtual meeting with the Chief Constable of South Wales Police Matt Jukes and the South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael. As well as an opportunity for Mr Jukes and Mr Michael to update Mr Jones on recent operational activity during this challenging time, it was an also an opportunity for Mr Jones to raise a number of issues on which he had received correspondence.

One issue that Mr Jones raised was the growing concern amongst some his constituents about the increasing numbers of large gatherings of young people at Merthyr Mawr in particular at the Dipping Bridge and at the former Quarry in Kenfig Hill. The police are aware of these gatherings and are reminding parents of their responsibilities to not only be aware of where their children are but to also remind them about the importance of adhering to social distancing. Mr Jones heard that a number of PCSOs were also conducting further patrols at these well known areas.

He also raised the issue about the increasing numbers of visitors from outside the area travelling to Newton. There have been some lovely hot and sunny weather recently and on days such as these, Newton resembles a holiday attraction as it would have been pre-lockdown, with lots of visitors parking all along Beach Road to walk their dogs, fish or walk on the beach. Mr Jones said that he understood from constituents that visitors from as far as Wolverhampton were recently stopped by the police. He stated that there were also safety concerns with people parking along Beach Road and on the double yellow lines, meaning that residents have to walk on the road to maintain social distancing.