MS Carwyn meets the new Chief Executive of Valleys to Coast

Valleys to Coast will be more focussed, be there for its tenants and be more active and visible in the local communities. These were the very clear messages that Mr Jones heard from the new chief executive Joanne Oak during their recent virtual meeting.

Over the years, Mr Jones has made many representations to the Valleys to Coast team on behalf of his constituents. Therefore, he was very keen to hear from Joanne about the current challenges that the organisation faces and her ambitious plans for the future.

Joanne explained that she is looking to provide stability and added that she is keen to reconnect with stakeholders. Drawing on her wealth of experience from some of her previous roles including Director of Strategy and Corporate Services at Social Care Wales and other senior roles in the third sector, she said that she believes she has the passion, the drive and the determination to provide strong leadership at Valleys to Coast and to make the organisation more relevant in today’s changing society.

With the impact of coronavirus, Joanne explained that many of the Valleys to Coast’s current services were still suspended but that her team were continuing to deliver emergency services. She explained that they are now exploring how they can safely restart some of their services and she is keen to engage the tenants in this process. Her team are also continuing to provide a welfare call service to connect with tenants.

Looking ahead, Joanne explained that Valleys to Coast is looking at new ways to deliver services and talked about refreshing their corporate plan. They hope to continue to maintain and invest in homes and to look at reaching out to new stakeholders.

Mr Jones asked about what protocols were in place for domestic violence referrals. Joanne stated that Valleys to Coast have protocols in place and added that her team would also look again to ensure that Valleys to Coast were doing all it could to make people aware of the support available.

Mr Jones said ” It was good to get an early meeting wth Joanne and to hear about her plans and ideas for the organisation going forward. I look forward to seeing these plans come to fruitiion.”