Online supermarket deliveries to those who have been asked to shield

I have received many emails and phone calls from those who are in the shielded group about the difficulty in securing online supermarket delivery orders. At best, the situation is patchy, whith one or two supermarkets offering more slots but for the majority, it is a lottery whether you can get a slot. One issue that people have raised with me is their frustration that they can see themsleves moving down in the queue and they fill out their orders and just as you come to the end point in terms of payment, the page drops due to the excess demand of those seeking slots and the long process has to begin again.

The Welsh Government has been working closely with the major supermarkets who offer online delivery services in Wales so that they can open up priority delivery slots for those individuals who have been advised to shield by the Chief Medical Officer. This has involved the preparation of data sharing agreements to enable the supermarkets to be made aware of all the individuals in Wales who are medically shielding.

The Minister for the Environment, Energy & Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths AM has confirmed that she has agreed with supermarkets that they will prioritise online home delivery orders from people who are shielding in Wales. Supermarkets are working fast to integrate the data and to adjust their on-line ordering systems to prioritise orders.

The Welsh Government has also worked with local authorities, with the Welsh Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) and with food distributors to make sure there is support available for all those people who are shielding who cannot rely on family, friends, neighbours or a local network for help while they are shielding. This includes a free weekly food parcel and help collecting prescriptions. The “shielding” letter includes a contact number for people’s local council which they should call if they need such support, including a weekly food parcel, if they do not have support from family, friends, neighbours or a local network.

If you have been sent a letter from the Chief Medical Officer and have no support network then Bridgend Council is there to help. Please call them to request a free weekly food parcel delivered to your home.

Call on 01656 643643 and press ‘one’

Free weekly food parcels information