Policing Matters

Bridgend AM Carwyn Jones was delighted to sponsor the Policing Matters event at the National Assembly for Wales recently. The event was an opportunity to join Police Federation representatives to discuss policing matters in regards to both policy and politics and to discuss any front line issues with the Police Federation representatives including police officers on their Welsh Affairs Committee and some elected members from the National Board.

This month, the Police Federation celebrates its 100th anniversary following the Act of Parliament that formed its association.

Speaking to the group, Mr Jones spoke about the current situation where powers over justice including policing, prisons and the probation service continue to be the reserve of Westminster. He told the group that currently there is no will in Westminster to devolve powers over justice but stated that the debate will continue and spoke about the importance of developing a distinctive justice system which is truly representative of Welsh needs.

Mr Jones also talked about the weight of evidence that has been published supporting the devolution of powers over justice to Wales including the latest report- the Thomas Report (Commission on Justice in Wales) which he himself had set up in 2017 when he was First Minister. Lord Thomas concluded that the people of Wales were simply ‘not well served by the current arrangements’. On the devolution of policing, Mr Jones told the group that having the powers over policing is about the Assembly being able to shape policy and to look at its own priorities instead of simply carrying out the policies decided in Westminster. It is not about putting up barriers to crime or trying to cut off intelligence. The reality is that there is co-operation regardless who is responsible for policing.”