Porthcawl Town Beach Sea Defence Scheme

Last month, it was a pleasure to attend the official opening of the new coastal sea defence at Porthcawl Town Beach. We can’t hide from climate change and the strengthened sea defences will reduce the risk of flooding and erosion from the sea to about 260 seafront properties providing reassurance to those residents and visitors to the town. The work has been possible thanks to Welsh Government funding which has provided three quarters of the cost of the scheme with the remainder coming from Bridgend Council.

It is good to see that what is there now is more visually attractive than before. The not so affectionately termed ‘tarmac beach’ divided opinion and was certainly a talking point. There was even a mention in dispatches on the BBC One programme, Coast. With the old sea defences coming to the end of their natural life, it was a good opportunity to construct and design a new flood defence scheme which we now have. Indeed, the new strengthened sea defences will ensure that Porthcawl will remain a safe, viable and attractive place to live, work in and to visit and provide much stronger flood protection for years to come.