Porthcawl’s secret tragedy

In April I will be supporting a special exhibition staged by Porthcawl Shout Forum (PSF) at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay, entitled “Porthcawl’s Secret Tragedy”. The exhibition will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the loss of the SS Samtampa which was wrecked on Sker Point with the loss of all her thirty nine crew members, together with the Mumbles Lifeboat with her eight crew members who also lost their lives. It will run from the 24th April to the 8th May 2017. The exhibition will be made up of panels and pop up boards telling the story of the tragedy. There will also be art work commemorating the disaster.

As well as the exhibition, in early May, there will be a reception where I will be saying a few words. Porthcawl Shout is putting together a very full programme of events.

Members of Porthcawl Shout and others within the community of Porthcawl feel very strongly that the Samtampa tragedy and the bravery displayed by the Mumbles lifeboat crew 70 years ago, should not simply be consigned to the history books but commemorated. As Patron, I would encourage people to visit the exhibition.