Gazette – September 2014

Last Friday afternoon, just before midday, I was walking down Wyndham Street when I was passed by a group of four young girls. Judging by their accents they were local.

As I walked past, one of them started telling a story at the top of her voice. She swore constantly throughout this conversation, much to the distress of older folk around them and the annoyance of others. I walked on, wondering at how somebody could have such little respect for others and not care about the way others saw her.

I turned the corner into Dunraven Place, and outside one of the buildings there a man was swearing at the top of his voice. Judging by his accent he wasn’t local, but the effect was the same. People with young children had to put up with this loudmouth.

Now some may call me old-fashioned, but when people are shouting and swearing in the town centre in the morning with other people around, I don’t think it gives a good impression of our town. People will not go to the centre if they have to put up with that.

We need to ensure that more police officers and PCSOs are around to deal with this anti-social behaviour in our town centre. There will be some who say that this isn’t the most serious issue that they should be dealing with. Maybe so, but when this is tolerated, it turns people off going to Bridgend.

We need to reclaim our town centre from the swearing showoffs.