Tata Steel

There will be no let up in our efforts to secure a future for steel making in Wales. I have spoken to many people in my area who work at the Port Talbot plant who are extremely worried about their jobs. I have met with the Prime Minister and other cabinet ministers to discuss the crisis and have stressed that if necessary, the UK Government should consider taking over Tata’s assets in the short term to enable a sale process to take place. I have also spoken directly with Tata Steel. I was pleased to see that in a meeting with the Business Secretary, Tata Steel have echoed the reassurances they gave to me about their responsibilities as a seller.

We know there are potential buyers out there. I have also stressed that we as a Welsh Government, are prepared to contribute from Welsh Government resources to help secure a long- term solution and to do all we can to assist prospective buyers. My message to the steelworkers and their families and to the communities that have grown up around these sites is, we stand beside you shoulder to shoulder. Welsh steel – British steel – cannot be allowed to die.