The Bridge Alternative Provision Art Exhibition

In May, Bridgend AM Carwyn Jones was delighted to sponsor an art exhibition at the Senedd held by The Bridge Alternative Provision. It was a celebration of the artistic achievements of The Bridge’s GCSE Art and Design students together with work from past pupils. The exhibition challenged people’s perceptions of what can be achieved by pupils in specialist provision. The exhibition was designed to showcase pupils’ ability and capabilities and to celebrate the achievements they have made despite their individual circumstances.

There was an eclectic mix of art work including a series of illustrations created using an art tablet, digital photography and photo editing, acrylic on canvas, lino print on paper and mixed media on canvas and photograms. Every piece of art work told a story and was a celebration of personal journeys.

Some examples of work in the exhibition included a piece entitled “My Future Sky”. The artist had created an image full of optimism by looking into the galaxies beyond. Another example was a piece of work which used mixed media on canvas entitled “Contemporary Girl”. This portrayed a teenage view of the pressures faced by young women today.

One other example were two pieces of work entitled “ Everyone Leaves” and “My own Mind Scares Me”. These pictures used black silhouettes contrasted with the colourful skies together with words of her innermost fears which gave an insight into the innermost feelings of the artist.