Ty Elis- Recognising the importance of counselling

Ty Elis event 3

Last week, Bridgend AM Carwyn Jones hosted an event for Ty Elis Counselling Service at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay. Based in Porthcawl, Ty Elis is a charity that has been in practice since 1996 and provides counselling and psychotherapy services. The aim of the event was to raise the profile of the organisation and to draw attention to the work of the 40 counsellors who work to improve the mental wellbeing of individuals in need.

At Ty Elis, the staff do not label their clients with diagnoses, instead they prefer to focus on working with them to regain their autonomy and take responsibility and control for the issues affecting their lives.

At the event, Ty Elis staff had an opportunity to speak to Assembly Members about their charity and about their free therapeutic counselling service that they provide to people across South Wales. They also had an opportunity to discuss their proposals for their new Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace training and their Diploma in Therapeutic Practice.

Mr Jones said “I was delighted to host this important event at the Senedd. It was a great opportunity for the charity to raise its profile and to promote their services. I would also like to pay tribute to all those who volunteer at Ty Elis and provide such a valuable and worthwhile service”.

Fiona Morris, Executive Officer at Ty Elis said, “It was a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of Ty Elis and the vital counselling work that we do as a charity. We had the opportunity to speak to many Assembly Members and Support Staff about the services that we offer in particular raising the need for funds to support our counselling service and informing them of our new Workplace Mental Wellbeing Training that we can offer businesses. We would like to thank Carwyn Jones AM for hosting this event at the Assembly”.