Update on the Mulligan Community Centre (the MC Centre)

Recently, I joined local service providers to hear the latest plans by Mulligan Community for their MC Centre. Mulligan Community is a non-profit social enterprise and was set up in 2014 to support families and individuals across Bridgend County Borough who are at risk of living in poverty. The MC Centre will be located in Parc Tondu. Mulligan Community passionately believes that the availability of places where the community gather can have a very strong impact on the lives of people.

The MC Centre will be for everyone and will provide a wide range of facilities and services specifically tailored to combat poverty and social exclusion. There will be a variety of Hubs including the Business Hub, the Family Hub, the Training Hub and a Help Hub. There are also plans for a Visitor Centre and Sports Centre. I have been very impressed with Amanda and Ed Kirk, the Directors of Mulligan Community. I have no doubt that once the MC Centre is up and running that it will quickly establish itself as an important facility in the community.

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas.