Wales- a great place to start and grow a business

The Business in Wales Focus showcase event was a great opportunity to hear from many SMEs about how they are navigating the current business environment. That’s the view from Bridgend AM Carwyn Jones who was delighted to be asked to be the keynote speaker at the event which was held at Sophia Gardens Cricket Ground in Cardiff. As the keynote speaker, Mr Jones was asked to share his views on the future for start-ups and growing businesses in Wales and to give his views on potential challenges and opportunities for Welsh businesses.

Mr Jones said “These are uncertain times for businesses so creating the right environment for them to succeed is important. There are many challenges facing businesses which include the uncertainty due to Brexit, keeping up with the latest digital technology, continuing to attract people with the right skills, accessing capital and retaining talent. Wales certainly does not lack entrepreneurial flare and at the event, it was also an opportunity to celebrate many success stories. Hearing about business success stories should inspire others to have the confidence to grow their own business. After all, businesses have to start somewhere.”