‘Walk A Day in Our Shoes’ – Ford Visit

On 20th September I was delighted to be part of the ‘Walk A Day in Our Shoes’ Event organised by Unite Wales.The programme saw a number of different AM’s ‘work shadowing’ Unite members within their constituency, giving AM’s a chance to experience first-hand the work of some of their constitiuents.

My own ‘Walk A Day in Our Shoes’ Event took place in the Ford Factory Bridgend, where I was given the opportunity to shadow workers on a new loop line.

Placed on the Sigma HCARWYN JONES on line 2arness Loop Line and whilst shadowing a group leader,  I tried my hand at assembling componant parts ready to be fitted to the engine. The task showed the attention to detail, skill and steady hand needed by the workers and in meeting their set time of ’21 seconds’ it was clear to see that practise really does make perfect!

During the day I also had the chance to speak with workers, shop stewards and Unite representatives. The day proved to be an invaluable experience in allowing me, to not only experience the work undertaken but to also chat with and listen to the concerns and views of the workers.

Many thanks to those on the Sigma Line who showed me the ropes, those who took the time to share their views with me and all involved with the programme.