Welsh Government’s Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Bridgend MS Carwyn Jones is concerned that some people in his constituency could be missing out on vital help with their council tax bills. During this challenging and difficult time, Mr Jones is encouraging everyone to check if they could be eligible for support with their council tax bills. The Welsh Labour Government’s flagship Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTRS) already supports almost 300,000 low-income households in Wales every year with their council tax bills.

You may be entitled to pay less council tax if:

• you believe you live on a low income
• you live alone, or with people/children who do not pay council tax
• you are a student
• you are disabled
• you are severely mentally impaired

On 1 April 2013, the Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTRS) replaced Council Tax Benefit (CTB) in Wales and eligible households were automatically transferred onto the new scheme. The CTRS Regulations are closely based on previous CTB rules.

Last year, independent research was commissioned by the Finance Minister Rebecca Evans to look at the impact of the UK Government’s Universal Credit on the Council Tax Reduction Scheme and rent arrears in Wales. The research showed that for many households in Wales, the move to Universal Credit can have a negative impact on council tax reduction awards, council tax debt or rent arrears.

Mr Jones said “We are living through incredibly challenging times with many people suffering financial hardship due to Covid 19. Although our Council Tax Reduction Scheme is supporting thousands of households, I know there will be many who could be missing out on vital support- missing out on the discounts, reductions and exemptions that they are entitled to. Ensuring every household receives the council tax support they are entitled to is an important part of the Welsh Labour Government’s commitment to making council tax fairer.”

If you think you may be eligible for support, you can check the link below:

Pay less Council Tax: eligibility checker