Windfarms – Seaside News, July 2012

A number of constituents have been keenly following progress with the development of proposals for the Atlantic Array Wind Farm. Following community consultation which ended last November, revised proposals have been put forward by RWE nPower, taking into account concerns over the visual impact of the wind farm and possible environmental impacts.

I am pleased to see that community engagement has influenced improvements to the proposals altering the suggested location, size and shape of the wind farm. The maximum number of turbines will be reduced from 414 to 278 and these will be spaced more widely to reduce the density of the wind farm. The turbines will be located further out to sea, vastly reducing visibility of the wind farm from the coast. In fact, nearly all of the turbines will be situated in English waters, reducing visual intrusion for areas such as Porthcawl.

In addition to significantly increasing the proportion of renewable energy that is generated for Wales, the wind farm could bring economic benefits to Welsh ports and through employment for the construction and longer term maintainence of the development.

Ongoing environmental and engineering studies will support the continued consultation process on the revised proposals. An exhibition will be held at the Grand Pavilion in Porthcawl on 1st August, providing an opportunity to learn more about the proposals and feed into the consultation. I encourage people to take an active part in the consultation.