Young Carers I.D card

Last week a new scheme was launched by Bridgend Council which is designed to give young carers additional support. The Young Carers I.D. card was launched at Brynteg School and will be issued to young carers following a statutory young carers assessment. The call for this additional support has come from Young Carers themselves at the Young Carers conference last October. In my role as AM for Bridgend, I have spoken to many young carers in my constituency and have listened to their concerns. Many feel that raising awareness of the issues that young carers face is important and that there needs to be more support for young carers. Also, many spoke about the need to feel valued and appreciated.

Initially, the ID cards will be used within a school setting. Every school will have young carers and schools in Bridgend are no exception. The schools have been offered training to highlight young carers issues and the introduction of the card. Schools will then be better equipped to deal with the issues facing young carers.

Having the card within a school setting will bring a number of benefits. Young carers will be able to show the card to their teachers if they are having problems. For example if young carers have difficulty staying on after school without any notice or needing to leave their mobile phone on silent or having difficulty finishing homework all due to their caring responsibilities. Having a card that is designed to offset any embarrassing situations within a school setting for the young carers will make a huge difference.